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kiruhu - revised :)

The changes are minor and none of them deal with her appearance - only in her history. After re-reading her profile, I decided not to give up on her so easily. (Thank you, Diane, for your encouragement for me to keep her!) Thus I deleted the profile for the new character I planned and simply tweaked Kiruhu's slightly. Hope it's alright. :3

Name: Kiruhu

Species: Lion

Sex: Female

Character Description: Kiruhu is of average size for a lioness and is quite sinewy. Though, her body is rather long compared to most, but this oddity somehow seems to suit the young lioness. Her sleek coat is a dark taupe hue with dark chocolate-brown accents and a dusty, oatmeal-colored underbelly. The accents are located on the tips of her ears, the toes of her front paws, and from the knee down on her hind legs. Her eyes are a mulberry-red color with the “whites” of her eye being an ivory/off-white hue and a dark brown patch of fur encircles each eye. Her nose is a deep russet color and the tuff at the tip of her tail is colored dark chocolate-brown.

Kiruhu has various scars on her body, though most all of them are covered by her fur. However, there is one distinguishing scar that will never fade: three parallel lines of claw marks, beginning at the bridge of her nose and extending all the way to her left cheek.

Kiruhu is a very calm, cool, and collected lioness. And though she is said to be kind, social and quite selfless, Kiruhu is, in fact, very selfish. Being raised by a weak-hearted mother and a neglectant father, the lioness has built a wall around her heart, so never to be hurt again. Although she may seem friendly, she doesn't believe she has any true friends nor will she allow anyone to convince her that she does. She fears her feelings and has done her best to harden and steel her heart.

Character History: Kiruhu was born into the Dark Haven Pride as one of the many (but also one of the last) daughters of Gernarsh, the King of the Dark Haven Pride, though Kiruhu was hardly a princess. Kiruhu was promptly stripped of any title when Leini, Kiruhu’s mother and one of Gernarsh’s favored lionesses, produced a stillborn male cub and a healthy, female cub. The anger that ripped through Gernarsh was the cause of Kiruhu's name, which means "wrath" in Swahili. Yet, although Kiruhu was loathed by her father, so much that he often overlooked her entirely (occasionally, stepping on her or knocking her over because he simply "didn't see her"), she was still greatly loved and treasured by Leini.

Still, despite her mother's deep affections and tender care, Kiruhu only wanted Gernarsh to acknowledge her existence. The months of Gernarsh's ignorance and neglect and Leini's knowing of her daughter's heart caused the old lioness to fall fatally ill after Kiruhu returned to their den after another beating from her father's guards. (It had always been like that, you see, every week Kiruhu went to Gernarsh, but the old lion simply turned his back to her, stalking out of his den, leaving Kiruhu to his guards.) It wasn’t long before Leini died, but before she did, she called for Kiruhu and said to Kiruhu, with her last breath, “Don’t be like me, my little Kiruhu; I am weak and was never strong. You have to be strong, but not like your father. I’m sorry you were born to such horrible parents - a father that neglects you and a mother that could never love you enough. But I know you’re spirit is stronger than mine and I know that you’ll be greater than your father could ever be.” With that final phrase, Leini died.

On her first year celebration (or first birthday), three months after Leini had died, her father was challenged to a dual of rank by a lion called Valen. Needless to say, Kiruhu was thrilled and knew, even though her father was strong, he was old and Valen was many years younger than him. It would be an easy win for the challenger. When the brawl began, Kiruhu was right in the front row, watching with blood-ready eyes, feeling as if she was going to receive just revenge.

As the fight continued, the year old lioness slew insults at her father and cheered the offending lion on. During the battle, near the end of the Great Gernarsh’s fall, the young lioness shouted a deadly insult at the great lion and her enraged father turned and clawed Kiruhu across her face. A moment’s pause passed between the father and his daughter. He caught her eyes and could see, boiling within their plum-colored depths, nothing but the wish for him to fall, and to realize how horribly he had been to her. An anger through to him - perhaps because he finally saw Kiruhu for the first time and found nothing but hate in her - and the king turned, hurdling towards the challenger but in vain, and fell.

Kiruhu cheered as the blood trickled down her face, a mingling sense of freedom and regret washing over her all at once. Then the Dark Haven Pride fell under the rule of its new king, Valen and though Kiruhu wasn't free, she was happier than under the rule of her father, for now he was truly gone, not lingering somewhere, avoiding her by every means. And as long as the lioness gave no reasons for Valen to consider her a nuisance, problem or threat, the young lioness was fine.

But another unfortunate circumstance occurred, shattering Kiruhu’s hopes of a peaceful co-existance; a band of strange lions fell upon the Dark Haven Lands and attacked Kiruhu’s pride. Kiruhu, of course, defended her homeland, but failed. She fell - not dead, but terribly injured. Valen and his sister Saliek fled and Kiruhu slinked away into the shadows, falling into hiding until she was strong enough to track her lord and his sister.

It took only a few days before the lioness was healthy enough to commence her search (though she was still not completely healed) and it was rather difficult to track her king. But rumors had been slithering through the desert on the tongues of sidewinders and cobras that spoke of an alliance somewhere in the Brushlands. Hearing this, Kiruhu figured her best chance would be to start there.

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