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New Kiara Needed / Character Updates

Since Loki is now no longer an official member of the RP, his characters are up for grabs. The most prominent of these is Kiara.

I have a couple of people in mind for Kiara, but I would like to see who is open and willing to play her. Kiara, being a canon, can be very difficult to play correctly, and seems to be one of the least-liked characters. I would like her new player to be skilled and to know her character profusely. Right now she's of pretty weak character, and I would like to see her new writer to be someone who thinks that they can improve upon that current characterization and story status. That person will also have to know her previous history in the RP fairly well, and will also be prepared for future happenings in the RP.

Blah blah blah.

Usually I would say 'if you're interested, comment below'. This time, I'd like to see an example Kiara post. Comment to this post, but in your comment, after mentioning that you are interested in playing her, please write for me a couple of paragraphs as Kiara. It can be anything. I just want to see a few different examples of the styles and writing types for Kiara. Thanks! ^_^

Also, it's time for some routine maintenance for the website and LJ userinfo page. Please let me know if your characters are missing from either of these two headquarters! If your characters are not on the website BUT you still don't have an icon, then wait and let me know until they have their proper icon, then I will add them. However, if they DO have an icon and are NOT featured on the website, please let me know their names and, also, it'd be a great help to me if you put a link to their proper bios. If they are just missing from the userinfo, all I need are their names. If they are missing from both locations, be sure to mention it!

Edit: I have added Kulova, Asikari, Moon, and Tomai to the website's character list. Jelani and Tavarius have been added to the LJ userinfo page. I think I'm all caught up now, but please double-check for me to make sure! ;)

Thanks everyone - keep up the great posting, and have fun! :)

PS - Remember, the website is http://www.darkened-horizons.com !
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