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Character Approval

Here they are, at last. Jelani has a notably longer history, but then again, he is about three years older than Tavarius. Let me know of any changes that should be made, and I'll give them an edit.

Name: Jelani (“Mighty”)

Species: Lion

Sex: Male

Character Description: Jelani was aptly named; he is massive, built broad, tall, and heavy, most of his great bulk comprised of muscle, though he will admit to having a bit of a pudge around the middle. His hide is predominantly an even copper color, and his underbelly is a medium wheat hue. The thick mane that covers his neck and chest, the tufts of hair on his elbows, and the tuft on the end of his tail are dark, rusty red-brown. With piercing, hunter green eyes, Jelani is an intimidating figure, but he's more of a giant teddy bear than a ferocious beast.

Character History: Born in the Pridelands to the lioness Eshe, Jelani was sired by a wandering rogue named Adisa. A giant of a lion and a lady's man to boot, the last thing Adisa wanted was to settle down with a family; the instant he learned that Eshe was pregnant, he fled, not stopping long enough to glance back through the dust cloud in his wake. Eshe was left to raise their son alone, helped along by the other older, wiser lionesses of the pride.

Jelani never had a terribly difficult life growing up. It was filled with the same scrapes and scuffles any young lion would go through, if not fewer of them. He was never much for rough-housing with his peers, mostly because he was bigger than they were, and found it was easier to hurt them when he didn't mean to. There was little he enjoyed more than wandering off on his own and finding a place in the sun to sleep the day away. As such, he never formed bonds any deeper than the level of an acquaintence with the members of his pride, save for his mother.

That all changed when a second rogue wandered too close to the Pridelands. Eshe, either foolish or unwilling to learn from her previous mistake, sought him out, and once more, she ended up pregnant and abandoned. This time, however, she had Jelani's help, and as soon as young Tavarius was old enough, Jelani took him under his wing. He's been helping to raise him ever since, and the two are practically inseperable.

Name: Tavarius (“Misfortune”)

Species: Lion

Sex: Male

Character Description: A lean, lanky adolescent who has yet to hit the growth spurt that will give him the width and breadth of a fully grown adult male, Tavarius is all long torso and limbs. His fur is a pale taupe hue, his underbelly painted beige. The beginnings of a mane cover the top of his head and run down between his shoulder blades, the dark golden amber hair thick, short, and spiky, except for where it is starting to fall over his brow. The same color claims the tuft on the end of his tail and the small tufts on his elbows. His eyes are cloudy blue, and still hold a lot of the innocence of his youth.

Character History: Eshe's second son, Tavarius has led something of a charmed life inside of the Pridelands. He hasn't known great hardship, famine, or drought, and has always had Jelani to watch out for him. He was a bit more sociable than his brother, so he knows the members of the pride more personally, and has taken to trying to get Jelani to interact with them more. Tavarius would follow his brother anywhere, and though he is devoutly loyal to him and capable of being quite cunning, he also still suffers from the gullibility and naivety of youth. The right person would be able to mold him like a handful of clay. This has not been helped by the fact that Jelani likes to shield his brother from the wrongs of the world, making for an almost dangerous sense of innocence, as well as the belief that Jelani is utterly infallible.
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