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Hello all!

Ok, so the role call went fairly well. I'm still waiting on a couple of people, but most of you are still with us. Huzzah!

It seems that we have lost Aiseha's and Mfuwe's players for good, though. Aiseha only had one post, so we won't worry about her. As for Mfuwe, we'll just go on and pretend he doesn't exist any more, lol.

We've also (kind of) lost Kiruhu. She hasn't entirely left us but has gone on hiatus until further notice. Hopefully she'll be back one day in the near future. :)

I've updated the userinfo page on the LJ community and added I think it was five more characters to the list who had been forgotten and alphabetized the list. Please check over it once more and let me know if I forgot anyone!

I've also updated the website and got rid of a couple of Character Profiles, added a new piece of Fanart by Alia, and wrote a bit more for the Storyline.

Also, after a lot of pondering over this, I've decided no more new people at all. I might change my mind on this later, but as of right now, we're just going to stick with the people we have right now. I'd like to try and have our current members to be able to expand and get more involved in the RP. ((I know there were three more people interested lately. I've responded to two of them who have yet to respond back. The third I will decide later upon.))

PS - Katse, here are the characters that still need icons: Kulova, Asikari, Anocksunamun, & Tomai.
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