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Yet Another Roll Call (And Some Info, Too)

Ok! We're alive - alright! Terrifico! :-D Let's make 2007 our best year yet!

I doubt we'll ever get back to full speed like how we used to be, though. I, for one, am preparing to go to college, and so are many of you. Some of you are already in college. We're all busy and unfortunately, not as much of our time can be devoted to RPing anymore.

However, I'd like for all of us to try and make a New Year's resolution: To post once a week. I know that this might be hard for some of us, but if we can at least all try and post at a minimum of once a week, things will keep progressing and we won't have to go through any more no-post sessions because it just backlogs us too much and our minds forget what's going on in the story.

Since 2006 is now behind us, I'd like to once again do a roll call. We have quite a lot of members now, and it's beginning to be hard to keep track of them all. We also have a couple of prospective newbies, so I'd like them to do the rollcall too, please, so I know that you're still interested in joining or not.

I will again stress that I'd like all of you to get some sort of instant messaging system. I'd love to be able to chat with you guys over this long weekend and get some more plans and ideas together. There are many things that need to be happening in the RP with many threads, but some people are being a bit excluded, and some have too much going on, so I'd like to try and smooth things out so that it's more balanced and those who aren't so prominent in the RP to find something to do that will contribute to the story.

As a helper, I will be making a post here shortly with a list of some things that need to be accomplished or happen in the RP - a short of checklist, so people know what's going on. Nothing too specific so we can fill in the blants - just a generalized list of ideas and plans so to speak.

And Katse darling, a lot of people still need some of your beautiful icons!

You all could do me a favor and look on the website in the characters section and see if all of your characters are on there. Also look on the userinfo page of the main community ( http://lionkingrpg.livejournal.com ) and see if you are listed on there with all of your characters. If something is missing, please reply to this post and let me know what I need to update. I know that a couple of characters aren't on the site because I am waiting for icons, but then I will know who I still need to upload.

Thanks everyone - and please roll call so as to see if we've lost anyone (hopefully not)!
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