lokitheinsane (lokitheinsane) wrote in lionkingrpg_ooc,

*pokes site* Anyone alive?

The last post was made the day before Thanksgiving, and I understand Christmas/Haunkika(sp?)/Kwanza(sp?) is coming up (and my birthday in 4 days), but seriously. Am I the only one checking the site expecting results? Seriously, it's like all of you just vanished without a trace. Is everybody waiting for me to post or something? Is everybody stuck at a point where no one can reply unless I do? 'Cause I don't see how. I'm actually stuck at a point where I can't reply unless something else happens.

Seriously... what is Loki supposed to do? Just stand there and look dumb? Is Kianga supposed to reply to something while Nala stares off in the distance?

What happened to the Oaisis anyway? Kovu's dying, Kiara's become... nevermind, and Vitani and Kiara have found a dead body of one of there former Pride members.

If I have to, I'll find something to reply to as Loki see if I can get the ball rolling again, but we really need to start going again. I love this site, I love the role play, and I love the people involved in the role play. I don't know if this site is inactive or if its still active and someone crucial has disappeared. If that's a problem we'll just hawk his/her characters as fcfs kinda thing.

I'm done sounding... bitter.

Enjoy your holidays.
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