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We Live In You [23 Jul 2007|01:41pm]

[ mood | calm ]

We live! Yes, yes we do!

After a very long RP-related convo with one of our members, we came to the conclusion that it was high time to try and get this puppy going once more.

I've talked with some of you, and so far, you have all said a very eager 'Yes!' to get things rolling again. I can only hope that your enthusiasm lasts!

But, to get things off the ground again, back to our glory days, I can't do it alone. Each and every one of us is going to have to try hard to post and write, despite time constraints.

I myself am now more constrained than ever. I'm now in college, living on my own, in a house that I have to clean, and cooking all of my meals, shopping, take care of myself, etc. A lot of us have other things we do - drama, school, sports, blah blah. So I understand that we are all limited in our own ways. I only ask that, to get this to work, we just do our best.

If you are someone who feels like you're going to be pressed for time and have a lot of characters, then consider either A) giving some of them up or B) finding a way to quickly kill them off. One of the problems we've had is that we've expanded too much. We now have so many characters that, a lot of them have little roles in the actual story, and there's people all over the place, with either too much to do, or too little. We're going to try and balance that out a bit, somehow.

All that having been said, let's do another rolecall.

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We are worms! [02 Jul 2007|10:29pm]

[ mood | guilty ]

I see you aren't taking new members. Oh boy...

I wonder if any of you remember me. Heh...

I joined about... oh, nine months ago. -headesk-

I didn't get the opportunity to post my character or roleplay at all before my computer (which I thought I'd fixed) crashed like a rigged 1984 Toyota. Therefor, I am much like a newb myself. So... should I just go on...?

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Standstill! Disaster! [28 Apr 2007|08:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, we haven't seen any posts in the RP or on here for about a month now.. Well a month for the RP, and about... two and a half weeks for here. Don't make me do math, dude. Life goes on, and we all understand about being busy, right?
I am going through finals, so I'll still be posting here and there, in fact, I'm going to make one as soon as I get done with coloring something. Hey, here's an idea, why don't I do some character pics of people's characters to pass the time? Does that sound like fun? I think so. I'll start of course, with the characters of people who have already given me permission to do so.
Anyway! Get posting people!
Here, take my latest pic... New tablet, baby!
Read more...Collapse )

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kiruhu - revised :) [09 Mar 2007|06:31pm]


The changes are minor and none of them deal with her appearance - only in her history. After re-reading her profile, I decided not to give up on her so easily. (Thank you, Diane, for your encouragement for me to keep her!) Thus I deleted the profile for the new character I planned and simply tweaked Kiruhu's slightly. Hope it's alright. :3

Name: Kiruhu

Species: Lion

Sex: Female

Character Description: Kiruhu is of average size for a lioness and is quite sinewy. Though, her body is rather long compared to most, but this oddity somehow seems to suit the young lioness. Her sleek coat is a dark taupe hue with dark chocolate-brown accents and a dusty, oatmeal-colored underbelly. The accents are located on the tips of her ears, the toes of her front paws, and from the knee down on her hind legs. Her eyes are a mulberry-red color with the “whites” of her eye being an ivory/off-white hue and a dark brown patch of fur encircles each eye. Her nose is a deep russet color and the tuff at the tip of her tail is colored dark chocolate-brown.

Kiruhu has various scars on her body, though most all of them are covered by her fur. However, there is one distinguishing scar that will never fade: three parallel lines of claw marks, beginning at the bridge of her nose and extending all the way to her left cheek.

Kiruhu is a very calm, cool, and collected lioness. And though she is said to be kind, social and quite selfless, Kiruhu is, in fact, very selfish. Being raised by a weak-hearted mother and a neglectant father, the lioness has built a wall around her heart, so never to be hurt again. Although she may seem friendly, she doesn't believe she has any true friends nor will she allow anyone to convince her that she does. She fears her feelings and has done her best to harden and steel her heart.

Character History: Kiruhu was born into the Dark Haven Pride as one of the many (but also one of the last) daughters of Gernarsh, the King of the Dark Haven Pride, though Kiruhu was hardly a princess. Kiruhu was promptly stripped of any title when Leini, Kiruhu’s mother and one of Gernarsh’s favored lionesses, produced a stillborn male cub and a healthy, female cub. The anger that ripped through Gernarsh was the cause of Kiruhu's name, which means "wrath" in Swahili. Yet, although Kiruhu was loathed by her father, so much that he often overlooked her entirely (occasionally, stepping on her or knocking her over because he simply "didn't see her"), she was still greatly loved and treasured by Leini.

Still, despite her mother's deep affections and tender care, Kiruhu only wanted Gernarsh to acknowledge her existence. The months of Gernarsh's ignorance and neglect and Leini's knowing of her daughter's heart caused the old lioness to fall fatally ill after Kiruhu returned to their den after another beating from her father's guards. (It had always been like that, you see, every week Kiruhu went to Gernarsh, but the old lion simply turned his back to her, stalking out of his den, leaving Kiruhu to his guards.) It wasn’t long before Leini died, but before she did, she called for Kiruhu and said to Kiruhu, with her last breath, “Don’t be like me, my little Kiruhu; I am weak and was never strong. You have to be strong, but not like your father. I’m sorry you were born to such horrible parents - a father that neglects you and a mother that could never love you enough. But I know you’re spirit is stronger than mine and I know that you’ll be greater than your father could ever be.” With that final phrase, Leini died.

On her first year celebration (or first birthday), three months after Leini had died, her father was challenged to a dual of rank by a lion called Valen. Needless to say, Kiruhu was thrilled and knew, even though her father was strong, he was old and Valen was many years younger than him. It would be an easy win for the challenger. When the brawl began, Kiruhu was right in the front row, watching with blood-ready eyes, feeling as if she was going to receive just revenge.

As the fight continued, the year old lioness slew insults at her father and cheered the offending lion on. During the battle, near the end of the Great Gernarsh’s fall, the young lioness shouted a deadly insult at the great lion and her enraged father turned and clawed Kiruhu across her face. A moment’s pause passed between the father and his daughter. He caught her eyes and could see, boiling within their plum-colored depths, nothing but the wish for him to fall, and to realize how horribly he had been to her. An anger through to him - perhaps because he finally saw Kiruhu for the first time and found nothing but hate in her - and the king turned, hurdling towards the challenger but in vain, and fell.

Kiruhu cheered as the blood trickled down her face, a mingling sense of freedom and regret washing over her all at once. Then the Dark Haven Pride fell under the rule of its new king, Valen and though Kiruhu wasn't free, she was happier than under the rule of her father, for now he was truly gone, not lingering somewhere, avoiding her by every means. And as long as the lioness gave no reasons for Valen to consider her a nuisance, problem or threat, the young lioness was fine.

But another unfortunate circumstance occurred, shattering Kiruhu’s hopes of a peaceful co-existance; a band of strange lions fell upon the Dark Haven Lands and attacked Kiruhu’s pride. Kiruhu, of course, defended her homeland, but failed. She fell - not dead, but terribly injured. Valen and his sister Saliek fled and Kiruhu slinked away into the shadows, falling into hiding until she was strong enough to track her lord and his sister.

It took only a few days before the lioness was healthy enough to commence her search (though she was still not completely healed) and it was rather difficult to track her king. But rumors had been slithering through the desert on the tongues of sidewinders and cobras that spoke of an alliance somewhere in the Brushlands. Hearing this, Kiruhu figured her best chance would be to start there.

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New Kiara Needed / Character Updates [07 Mar 2007|10:45pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

Since Loki is now no longer an official member of the RP, his characters are up for grabs. The most prominent of these is Kiara.

I have a couple of people in mind for Kiara, but I would like to see who is open and willing to play her. Kiara, being a canon, can be very difficult to play correctly, and seems to be one of the least-liked characters. I would like her new player to be skilled and to know her character profusely. Right now she's of pretty weak character, and I would like to see her new writer to be someone who thinks that they can improve upon that current characterization and story status. That person will also have to know her previous history in the RP fairly well, and will also be prepared for future happenings in the RP.

Blah blah blah.

Usually I would say 'if you're interested, comment below'. This time, I'd like to see an example Kiara post. Comment to this post, but in your comment, after mentioning that you are interested in playing her, please write for me a couple of paragraphs as Kiara. It can be anything. I just want to see a few different examples of the styles and writing types for Kiara. Thanks! ^_^

Also, it's time for some routine maintenance for the website and LJ userinfo page. Please let me know if your characters are missing from either of these two headquarters! If your characters are not on the website BUT you still don't have an icon, then wait and let me know until they have their proper icon, then I will add them. However, if they DO have an icon and are NOT featured on the website, please let me know their names and, also, it'd be a great help to me if you put a link to their proper bios. If they are just missing from the userinfo, all I need are their names. If they are missing from both locations, be sure to mention it!

Edit: I have added Kulova, Asikari, Moon, and Tomai to the website's character list. Jelani and Tavarius have been added to the LJ userinfo page. I think I'm all caught up now, but please double-check for me to make sure! ;)

Thanks everyone - keep up the great posting, and have fun! :)

PS - Remember, the website is http://www.darkened-horizons.com !

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[18 Feb 2007|01:41am]

[ mood | awake ]

Alright, guys, Diane has asked me to lend a hand and post here about threads that need a reply. I was supposed to do this some time ago *Bad Denise, bad bad bad...* but I went out of town. I am happy to say that almost everyone that I poked was able to give a post or two (major props to the overachievers there) to the RP. We still have a few... individuals who need to post in order for a another person to post. Poor Thunder, for instance, is totally post locked and cannot do anything until everyone who is RPing with her has replied. So.. The skinny of it is:

Pensain Empire:
I'm very happy to say that the majority of the recent posts have come from this thread, and we currently have no delinquent RPers. We could use more posts from any of you, so keep up the good work. Ayele could be a good boy and react to the fact that H'Baura just basically verbally bitch-slapped him (hmm.. am I allowed to say that on here? Please tell me that I am*begs*..). Katse, you can post with Phlesi... how the heck to you spell his name again? Oh yeah, Phelesi.. anytime you're ready.

The Oasis:
I could have Vitani wake up and talk to herself, but she's been talking to herself for quite a while, and while the notion of an insane Vitani does appeal to me, I'd actually like to do something more constructive than the *cough* Naruto-esque filler that has been going on in her case for like forever. You all know what I'm talking about. If I do have to resort to this again, Kovu will be the most likely target. Poor boy has responded, taken one for the pride and all that. Vitani can wake up and talk to Kovu, in which case, I'll be picking on Kiara.. Speaking of that... Loki, you have not posted in over a month. What's up with that? Do tell someone if you're still alive, as we have not heard from you since the big outburst. Come back to us, we miss you.
Last but not least for this thread, we could have Asali talk to Vitani. I don't know what they'd talk about.. I'd come up with something, but it could be done.

The Alliance:
Okay, now here we have an example of lots of potential just sitting around going slowly.
Training can begin like.. right now. Scar's being emo, but that's typical for him. I could do another Zira post... It would be either her bothering Scar or her... Well, it'd be PG-13, but it'd be damned suggestive. Diane, you know what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure Scar would have things to say to her about always bothering him on that matter. I've already done the Dziva post for the moment, so therefore, it's up to the other characters. Once again, Loki, we need you.. Katse did reply to you, I believe *looks* yup. Like forever ago. IF need be, Katse does not have to wait for your post, as Sengalo can barge right past you (knocking poor Loki clear over or whatever in the process) in an effort to get Siera some help. That having been said, Katse? If you're waiting on Loki, don't.
Nyota can come back from disposing of Teferi's corpse. Report to Scar...etc. That can get the ball rolling from there. If need be, mingle with Kamau and Dziva. Let's see.. I think that takes care of that thread.

Lots of potential again. Katse/Loki/Thunder happen to have a nice thread going, but I want some recent activity. Thunder, you can always have Mheetu (being the younger and therefore more inattentive of the trio) get distracted by... a sound, or sight in the distance and run towards... something, preferably Pridelander action, maybe notice the Ketan/Rafiki thing if he's close enough.
Speaking of Rafiki and Ketan... Let's see, we need Naeri or Kopa to fetch Rafiki. He can't do anything in that direction until someone alerts him to the need, right? Yeah. Simba could use some activity, but as he's in his brooding place, we could leave him here, or have him notice the commotion since everyone and their mother seems to have done that.

Okay, that's all I can think of now. Anyone else who can't post, reply to this, and we'll see about nudging everyone. If I left something out, reply to this and I'll add it. Alright? Ready? Okay! *cheerleading jump*

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*peers around* [06 Feb 2007|11:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello? *hears echoes*

Anyone still here? It's gone rather quiet on both fronts, it seems. I'd post, but I'm still waiting on character approval. Would anyone care to plot for when that approval finally comes? I've got no set direction I'd like for them to go just yet.


Character Approval [21 Jan 2007|05:58am]

Here they are, at last. Jelani has a notably longer history, but then again, he is about three years older than Tavarius. Let me know of any changes that should be made, and I'll give them an edit.

JelaniCollapse )

TavariusCollapse )

New Batch! [19 Jan 2007|04:54pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Yes, I've finally gotten off my lazy bum and began making the icons for our partially new leopards. Enjoy and hope I got everything right!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tomai for narmowens_axe
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anocsunamun for darkrose283
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Asikari for Thunder89
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Update [17 Jan 2007|10:49pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello all!

Ok, so the role call went fairly well. I'm still waiting on a couple of people, but most of you are still with us. Huzzah!

It seems that we have lost Aiseha's and Mfuwe's players for good, though. Aiseha only had one post, so we won't worry about her. As for Mfuwe, we'll just go on and pretend he doesn't exist any more, lol.

We've also (kind of) lost Kiruhu. She hasn't entirely left us but has gone on hiatus until further notice. Hopefully she'll be back one day in the near future. :)

I've updated the userinfo page on the LJ community and added I think it was five more characters to the list who had been forgotten and alphabetized the list. Please check over it once more and let me know if I forgot anyone!

I've also updated the website and got rid of a couple of Character Profiles, added a new piece of Fanart by Alia, and wrote a bit more for the Storyline.

Also, after a lot of pondering over this, I've decided no more new people at all. I might change my mind on this later, but as of right now, we're just going to stick with the people we have right now. I'd like to try and have our current members to be able to expand and get more involved in the RP. ((I know there were three more people interested lately. I've responded to two of them who have yet to respond back. The third I will decide later upon.))

PS - Katse, here are the characters that still need icons: Kulova, Asikari, Anocksunamun, & Tomai.

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Greetings and salutations. [17 Jan 2007|12:00am]

What's that? A n00b, you say?


Alas, yes, I am the Dreadful N00b. Perhaps you've heard of me? I like to lurk in the shadows, linger in closets, and hide under beds, things like that.

Try to avoid hiding under beds after the subject of your stalking has eaten beans.

Anyhoo, I have come hoping to be able to join your little role-playing group. I have read and comprehend all of the rules, spent the past three or so days going back through the RPG in its entirety, and henceforth swear to be a great and bloody menace who shall wreak havoc amongst the masses a contributing member of this game.

If you'll have me, of course. ;)

Yet Another Roll Call (And Some Info, Too) [12 Jan 2007|11:28pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ok! We're alive - alright! Terrifico! :-D Let's make 2007 our best year yet!

I doubt we'll ever get back to full speed like how we used to be, though. I, for one, am preparing to go to college, and so are many of you. Some of you are already in college. We're all busy and unfortunately, not as much of our time can be devoted to RPing anymore.

However, I'd like for all of us to try and make a New Year's resolution: To post once a week. I know that this might be hard for some of us, but if we can at least all try and post at a minimum of once a week, things will keep progressing and we won't have to go through any more no-post sessions because it just backlogs us too much and our minds forget what's going on in the story.

Since 2006 is now behind us, I'd like to once again do a roll call. We have quite a lot of members now, and it's beginning to be hard to keep track of them all. We also have a couple of prospective newbies, so I'd like them to do the rollcall too, please, so I know that you're still interested in joining or not.

I will again stress that I'd like all of you to get some sort of instant messaging system. I'd love to be able to chat with you guys over this long weekend and get some more plans and ideas together. There are many things that need to be happening in the RP with many threads, but some people are being a bit excluded, and some have too much going on, so I'd like to try and smooth things out so that it's more balanced and those who aren't so prominent in the RP to find something to do that will contribute to the story.

As a helper, I will be making a post here shortly with a list of some things that need to be accomplished or happen in the RP - a short of checklist, so people know what's going on. Nothing too specific so we can fill in the blants - just a generalized list of ideas and plans so to speak.

And Katse darling, a lot of people still need some of your beautiful icons!

You all could do me a favor and look on the website in the characters section and see if all of your characters are on there. Also look on the userinfo page of the main community ( http://lionkingrpg.livejournal.com ) and see if you are listed on there with all of your characters. If something is missing, please reply to this post and let me know what I need to update. I know that a couple of characters aren't on the site because I am waiting for icons, but then I will know who I still need to upload.

Thanks everyone - and please roll call so as to see if we've lost anyone (hopefully not)!

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I'm taking a holiday.... (language warning) [09 Jan 2007|07:05pm]

[ mood | Sorrowful ]

(Post removed) I've behaved stupid... please ignore this entirely.

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Character Theme Songs! [07 Jan 2007|08:26pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Um... This post just screams, "OMIGAWD somebody post! D:", doesn't it? xP

Anyway, let's see if we can get the ball rolling again! Have you ever listened to a song and be reminded of your RPing character? Why not share it with us? This is just a fun little discussion for EtLT's members, and who knows? Maybe some muses will come back from their vacations, eh? ;P

I'll go ahead and start:

"Mordred's Lullaby" by Heather Dale

"Anytime You Need a Friend" by Alan Menken

I couldn't think of one for Nala, since she really ain't my character and I kinda sorta never looked in it. >>;

Anyhowsen! Anybody else care to share their songs? Come on! Let's get some creativity back into our beloved RP!

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So... [04 Jan 2007|11:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey, names Ink.
So I was reading another newbies post and was wondering are you STILL accepting memebers?
I've just been brutally confused. -blinks-
Well, if not sorry for bothering you.
But if you are accepting members, then GREAT!


>>>1 Hakuna Matata//ROAAARRR!<<<

New~ [04 Jan 2007|06:48pm]

[ mood | calm ]

'Ello thare. ;3

I'd just like to introduce myself here. I'm Sabs-chan, and hopefully I'll be roleplaying with all of you sometime soon. <3

I'd also like to ask in clarification (since it is a lot to read >>;) we are to read every roleplay post so far, correct? From the very beginning?
I shall do it if needed, but I'd like to make sure. ^^;

>>>1 Hakuna Matata//ROAAARRR!<<<

*pokes site* Anyone alive? [07 Dec 2006|04:47pm]

The last post was made the day before Thanksgiving, and I understand Christmas/Haunkika(sp?)/Kwanza(sp?) is coming up (and my birthday in 4 days), but seriously. Am I the only one checking the site expecting results? Seriously, it's like all of you just vanished without a trace. Is everybody waiting for me to post or something? Is everybody stuck at a point where no one can reply unless I do? 'Cause I don't see how. I'm actually stuck at a point where I can't reply unless something else happens.

Seriously... what is Loki supposed to do? Just stand there and look dumb? Is Kianga supposed to reply to something while Nala stares off in the distance?

What happened to the Oaisis anyway? Kovu's dying, Kiara's become... nevermind, and Vitani and Kiara have found a dead body of one of there former Pride members.

If I have to, I'll find something to reply to as Loki see if I can get the ball rolling again, but we really need to start going again. I love this site, I love the role play, and I love the people involved in the role play. I don't know if this site is inactive or if its still active and someone crucial has disappeared. If that's a problem we'll just hawk his/her characters as fcfs kinda thing.

I'm done sounding... bitter.

Enjoy your holidays.
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Happy Thanksgiving ETLT! [23 Nov 2006|08:22pm]

I'm sorry if I've seen a little well... distant lately. I got food poisoning and the screen was making me sick, so I apologize for my sudden disappearance. Anywho, Happy Thanksgiving to everybody in America.

I'm not sure if Canada (or where everybody else is) has a Thanksgiving but in case they do Happy Thanksgiving. If they don't happy Thursday November 23rd.

Much love and eternally devoted,


[03 Nov 2006|07:54am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey everyone,

I just thought I'd take this short opportunity to apologize for not being around for close to two weeks. Hell week for theater started two weeks ago (which basically means we have rehearsal from 3 until 10 or 11 or 12 every day) and I honestly thought I'd at least have time to post here. Sadly I haven't. :( As soon as this weekend (opening weekend) is over I should be able to post more. :D So thanks for not murdering me! ^^



The Oasis [02 Nov 2006|05:08pm]

The Oasis
By: Loki (or Taylor Onya)
A princess longing for adventure,
Leads the twelve (?) into the sands,
While a dark king waits,
His sister prepares for flight,

The water is tainted,
While the domomed make war plans,
Valen, the dark king, baits...
He baits the princess, and the prince fights,

A victor in the prince,
But at what cost?
His princess lay dying,
The Oasis is just a Dark Haven,

Finally the princess awakens,
Her husband dying, a terrible loss,
She lay there crying,
Thinking how Valen is craven (It was the only word I could think of that rymed with Haven)

(Disobeyed my own work and promices...)
Her pride lay beaten and sick,
While she struggles for a cure,

So there lays the battered Oasis,
Why is life so uncertain,
Now what the Hell are you waitin' for?

That last stanza a friend I know wrote in. This wasn't supposed to be a OMG POST type of thing. It was supposed to end with Kiara finding water but I couldn't think of anything else.

Other than that whatcha guys think? Be honest, if I suck I suck. (Don't humor me)
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