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Alright, guys, Diane has asked me to lend a hand and post here about threads that need a reply. I was supposed to do this some time ago *Bad Denise, bad bad bad...* but I went out of town. I am happy to say that almost everyone that I poked was able to give a post or two (major props to the overachievers there) to the RP. We still have a few... individuals who need to post in order for a another person to post. Poor Thunder, for instance, is totally post locked and cannot do anything until everyone who is RPing with her has replied. So.. The skinny of it is:

Pensain Empire:
I'm very happy to say that the majority of the recent posts have come from this thread, and we currently have no delinquent RPers. We could use more posts from any of you, so keep up the good work. Ayele could be a good boy and react to the fact that H'Baura just basically verbally bitch-slapped him (hmm.. am I allowed to say that on here? Please tell me that I am*begs*..). Katse, you can post with Phlesi... how the heck to you spell his name again? Oh yeah, Phelesi.. anytime you're ready.

The Oasis:
I could have Vitani wake up and talk to herself, but she's been talking to herself for quite a while, and while the notion of an insane Vitani does appeal to me, I'd actually like to do something more constructive than the *cough* Naruto-esque filler that has been going on in her case for like forever. You all know what I'm talking about. If I do have to resort to this again, Kovu will be the most likely target. Poor boy has responded, taken one for the pride and all that. Vitani can wake up and talk to Kovu, in which case, I'll be picking on Kiara.. Speaking of that... Loki, you have not posted in over a month. What's up with that? Do tell someone if you're still alive, as we have not heard from you since the big outburst. Come back to us, we miss you.
Last but not least for this thread, we could have Asali talk to Vitani. I don't know what they'd talk about.. I'd come up with something, but it could be done.

The Alliance:
Okay, now here we have an example of lots of potential just sitting around going slowly.
Training can begin like.. right now. Scar's being emo, but that's typical for him. I could do another Zira post... It would be either her bothering Scar or her... Well, it'd be PG-13, but it'd be damned suggestive. Diane, you know what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure Scar would have things to say to her about always bothering him on that matter. I've already done the Dziva post for the moment, so therefore, it's up to the other characters. Once again, Loki, we need you.. Katse did reply to you, I believe *looks* yup. Like forever ago. IF need be, Katse does not have to wait for your post, as Sengalo can barge right past you (knocking poor Loki clear over or whatever in the process) in an effort to get Siera some help. That having been said, Katse? If you're waiting on Loki, don't.
Nyota can come back from disposing of Teferi's corpse. Report to Scar...etc. That can get the ball rolling from there. If need be, mingle with Kamau and Dziva. Let's see.. I think that takes care of that thread.

Lots of potential again. Katse/Loki/Thunder happen to have a nice thread going, but I want some recent activity. Thunder, you can always have Mheetu (being the younger and therefore more inattentive of the trio) get distracted by... a sound, or sight in the distance and run towards... something, preferably Pridelander action, maybe notice the Ketan/Rafiki thing if he's close enough.
Speaking of Rafiki and Ketan... Let's see, we need Naeri or Kopa to fetch Rafiki. He can't do anything in that direction until someone alerts him to the need, right? Yeah. Simba could use some activity, but as he's in his brooding place, we could leave him here, or have him notice the commotion since everyone and their mother seems to have done that.

Okay, that's all I can think of now. Anyone else who can't post, reply to this, and we'll see about nudging everyone. If I left something out, reply to this and I'll add it. Alright? Ready? Okay! *cheerleading jump*
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