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The Oasis

The Oasis
By: Loki (or Taylor Onya)
A princess longing for adventure,
Leads the twelve (?) into the sands,
While a dark king waits,
His sister prepares for flight,

The water is tainted,
While the domomed make war plans,
Valen, the dark king, baits...
He baits the princess, and the prince fights,

A victor in the prince,
But at what cost?
His princess lay dying,
The Oasis is just a Dark Haven,

Finally the princess awakens,
Her husband dying, a terrible loss,
She lay there crying,
Thinking how Valen is craven (It was the only word I could think of that rymed with Haven)

(Disobeyed my own work and promices...)
Her pride lay beaten and sick,
While she struggles for a cure,

So there lays the battered Oasis,
Why is life so uncertain,
Now what the Hell are you waitin' for?

That last stanza a friend I know wrote in. This wasn't supposed to be a OMG POST type of thing. It was supposed to end with Kiara finding water but I couldn't think of anything else.

Other than that whatcha guys think? Be honest, if I suck I suck. (Don't humor me)
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